How do you manage access to my property. Will I have to be there the whole time?

Our best recommendation for managing site access is with a key safe. In this coded safe, your keys are secured on site for use as both homeowners and/or tradespeople need to come and go. Even if you are planning to be on the side for the duration of the project, you will want the flexibility to continue to live your life normally, which often requires heading out for periods of time. A key safe is a secure and flexible option that makes sure the progress of your build is not stalled.

How long will my project take?

Naturally, this is dependent on the scope of the works, however, 3 weeks is a rough starting guide, with adjustments to this generally only taking place due to weather or unexpected complications in the building process.

Can I supply my own products?

We are happy to install any products you provide that meet Australian standards. However, keep in mind that any product you supply will need the warranty managed by you. Our ultimate goal is not only to provide you with the perfect renovation or addition but to take away the headaches and responsibilities and cover the bases for you. For products that we supply, it is much easier for us to manage their purchasing and delivery, and we will chase the warranty on a product should that ever be required.

What workmanship warranties do you provide?

We select quality products from Australian suppliers who have been shown to have the best and most reliable warranties on the market. In addition, we offer our 6.5-year structural and waterproofing guarantee as per QBCC and provide standard Australia-wide construction warranties.

Are you licenced?

Yes, our trades are fully licenced and operating under our fully licenced builder.