Did You Know Our Services Included Kitchens?


From concept to completion, we offer kitchens built from your dreams onto a foundation of expert site and financial management with top quality products and fastidious installation, all backed by our 10-year warranty. Our kitchen designer will consult with you independently to build a collaborative partnership with you, ensuring that your dream kitchen is built from both your passionate ideas and our decades of hands-on experience. As with every product and service we provide, you will be supported during and after the construction process with exceptional communication and secure warranties so you know you will not be left in the dark at any point. We also offer commercial Kitchens! Whether you require a commercial kitchen upgrade or a complete overhaul of your business premises, our fully licensed builders provide and end to end service for any scope of work, complete with full project management and over 30 years of building industry experience. To learn more, download our free eBook ~ “7 Critical Ingredients to Ensure Your Bathroom or Kitchen Renovation Doesn’t Go Up in Flames”: https://go.rt-d.com/freedom-ebook