Day 7 – 8: Bathroom Renovations Case Study

Days 7 of our bathroom renovations picture diary, was the second day of work for the plumbers – today was primarily the draining plumbing, so the labourer came along to help with holding pipes in place under the floor!

day 8 plumbers rough in bathroom renovation plumbing

Day 8

Today the carpenter did some final finishing off of some things ready for the waterproofing and tiling.The man-hole/person-hole into the roof had to be re-positioned, so here it is in its new spot!

Day 9 Bathroom Renovations Case Study - Re-positioning man-hole

The studs in the existing wall (which only had plastersheet) weren’t straight enough for the 900 x 450 tiles that were going to be laid floor to ceiling.  So our carpenter went through and checked and trimmed all the walls to make sure they were full straight.

day 8 - trimming wall studs for tile sheeting

This pic says it all!

day 9 bathroom renovation picture diary walls must be dead straight

Tiling sheeting went down in the toilet area:

day 8 - toilet sheeting

and sheeting went into the wardrobe space in the adjoining spare bedroom.  Only 300mm deep but it will serve well for the storage space for a guest bedroom.  In the final fit-out, the coat hanger rods will be short ones mounted perpendicular to the length of the cupboard, so that shirts etc. can be hung in the normal orientation.  (See floor plan on Day 6 post).

day 9 wardrboe space in adjoining room

day 9 wardrobe space view 2

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