Welcome to Day 6 of our Brisbane Bathroom Renovation Case Study Picture Diary!

Today Eden the carpenter went to rough-in the doors.  The new toilet door can only be 720 wide, due to the little wedge shaped shelf that the tiny 250mm deep vanity is going to sit on along the main wall.  (see plan below).  Fortunately, the existing bathroom door was already 720, so the doors and frames were just swapped and reversed around where necessary.

Bathroom Reno Case Study - Day 6

Eden also put in the framework for the new cupboard in the adjoining guest bedroom.  The owners wanted to maximise space for the walk-in shower in the bathroom, but still offer a cupboard for their guest bedroom that would enable hanging space and shelves.

 The cupboard is only about 300mm deep…. not enough to hang a shirt the normal way, so we took a leaf out of French Hotels, and will be using clothes hanging rods that are perpendicular to the cupboard, not parallel (See plan below).  This was a good solution, as the cupboard will not be required to hold large quantities of clothes.

Bathroom Renovation Case Study - Day 06 - wardrobe framework

Here’s the final version of the floor-plan.  You can see the two hanging spaces referred to above in the top left part of the image.

 Also the little semi-wedged shaped shelf in the toilet for the little vanity.  This vanity is only 250mm deep and was quite hard to find (pic below).  The bath is going to be a beautiful free standing one 1800mm long, with a wall mounted cascade style spout and tap, so there have been a few discussions between the client and our plumber about where the tap should go.  In the end the client wanted it located so it was easy to access while sitting in either end of the bath:

floor plan for renovations case study

The 250mm basin from Vizzini:

Petite bathroom basin from Vizzini

This is the beautiful “Hilton” freestanding bath from Decina

HILTON-FREESTANDING bath from Decina, for bathroom reno case study day 6

Look out for Day 7 coming up.  Day 7 will include some final preparation works by the Carpenter and Plumber in preparation for wall sheeting, and floor waterproofing.

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