Today was Day 5, with Brett our plumber arriving on site at 7am, and meeting the owner.  Brett had already visited the premises and got an orientation from the carpenter, so after getting a few questions answered by the owner, he was ready to get it into it, relishing the nice big workspace, and the slightly cooler temperature to work in, after the record summer temperatures we’ve had here in Brisbane (currently is nearly the end of March).You’ll see below some of the black poly pipe in the walls:

Day 5 pic 03 - renovation diary

Here’s the poly pipe run in the walls for the shower:

day 4 pic02 bathroom reno case-study freedom bathrooms

Our Plumber also needed to cut out the section of floor where the tiles were stuck down so hard, they couldn’t be removed with the Kanga Drill.  This hole also served to give our Plumber easier access  under the floor for placing waste pipes and drains:

day 05 of bathroom renovations picture diary

On the bottom left of the pic below are the capped off outlets for the little vanity basin in the toilet:

day 4 pic 04 bathroom renos brisbane northSo that was Day 5.  Day 6 the carpenter comes back to install door jambs and relocate a man-hole (should that be “Person-hole” now?!) in the ceiling which is clashing with one of the newly installed walls.  The Plumber still has to install the drainage piping and finish off a few other things.So by the end of the week, we’ll be ready for plaster-sheeting to start going up the next week.Two pallets of beautiful Italian floor and wall tiles arrived today on two pallets.  So they’ve had a tarp tucked in over them, to keep them perfectly dry.  Meanwhile, the clients’ small stone hand basin for the toilet has arrived at the showroom.  The clients are coming down on Saturday to check it out and decide on materials for the little tapered floating shelf it will sit on.  We’ll have some photos of all this next week.Watch out for our next posts!Need your bathroom on the Gold Coast renovated?  Or Brisbane north side or south side?Give us a call on 07 3208 2920 or contact us online here