We didn’t get a photo at the end of Day 3, so this is a combined Day 3 and 4 update.  Today walls went up, so we can see the layout now (roughly):Bathroom Reno Case Study - Days 3 and 4You might notice the dozen or so remaining existing floor tile bottom right of the above pic.  These were glued so strongly to the yellow-tongue flooring that we couldn’t get them up using the usual techniques.  If we tried jack-hammering them it broke right through the floor.  So it looks like we will have to cut out that whole section and replace it with new flooring.Aside from that, the clients’ built-in heated towel rails arrived from the supplier today.  They look pretty slick, so our Electrician can have fun installing them in a week or two!

Bathroom Reno Case Study day03-and-04-towel-rails


Tomorrow our Brett our senior Plumber arrives to rough-in the water piping and drain-work.  Will post some more pics after he’s been!