Welcome to the Freedom Bathrooms Day-by-Day picture diary of a medium to large bathroom and toilet renovation!We’re up to the end of Day 2 and we have all the internal walls demolished and most of the tiles jack-hammered up:Bathroom Renovation Case Study Day 2The Freedom Bathroom builders have cleaned and tidied everything up by knock-off time, and we can start to see the extent of the available envelope in which our new bathroom and toilet will be created!

Freedom Bathrooms Case Study Day 2 of bathroom and toilet reno


It’s the weekend now, but on Monday (Day 3), we’ll see the rest of the tiles jack-hammered up, and we will start to strip off timberwork around the two doors which are going to be moved.  The owner has already sold his previous frameless shower screen installed on the side of the existing bath (see pic of bath without screen on Day 0 post) on Gumtree for $110 – apparently in one day after listing!  Other items we’ve salvaged have been the original bath and vanity basin.  The original toilet which was pretty new, we’ll be re-installing in the new toilet space.

In the next post (day 3) we’ll show the before and proposed floor plans, so you can get a sense of what is going to be done in this bathroom and toilet renovation!

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