Today our tiler Toby laid the bedding for the 900 x 450 tiles.  Here he is in action – getting all the levels right.  This is a task which requires a lot of experience and good judgement, because it will determine that the floor drains correctly into the designated drain points, preventing water from pooling in random areas on the bathroom floor.

Just for fun, we found this time-lapse video below, of a tradesman laying a tile bedding in a shower area.  It’s not us, but this quickly shows you the process involved in this important step in creating a solid, well-draining bathroom floor.

Here’s Toby’s beautiful finished product!  Truly poetry in motion!

In the photo below you can see the walk in shower area bedded up ready for the tiles.  You’ll also noticed the waterproofing up the side wall of the shower.

Bathroom tile bedding - Freedom Bathroom Renovation case studies - day - 11 pic 3

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