Today was all about the floor waterproofing.  Unfortunately we only have pics for the toilet, as the bathroom ones came out way too dark!

This waterproofing work has been done in accordance with the Australian Standard AS3740-2010 – ‘Waterproofing of domestic wet areas’

Toilet Floor waterproofing pic 2 bathroom renovations case study day 10 pic01 states:
Proper waterproofing in wet areas is absolutely vital – water leaking into floor and wall spaces can very easily rot structural timbers and do some heartbreaking damage to a house. The worst bit about this kind of damage is that you won’t normally realise it’s happening until the worst of the damage has already been done.

Terrible damage from badly installed waterproofing has been a big problem in Australia in the past, and to deal with that there have been quite a few changes to the waterproofing requirements in recent years. (Source:

Freedom Bathrooms have had over 30 years experience in building bathrooms and we pride ourselves in providing a highly professional and thorough waterproofing solution for all our bathroom and wet-area projects.

Toilet Floor waterproofing pic 2 bathroom renovations case study day 10 pic02

The waterproofing needs to dry for a couple of days, before we lay the bedding for the tiles, which is what comes up in our next post for this Case Study series.

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