Day 3 & 4 – Bathroom Make-Over Day-By-Day Case Study

Bathroom Reno Case Study - Days 3 and 4
We didn’t get a photo at the end of Day 3, so this is a combined Day 3 and 4 update.  Today walls went up, so we can see the layout now (roughly): You might notice the dozen or so remaining existing floor tile bottom right of the above pic.  These were glued so strongly […]

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Day 2 – Bathroom Make-Over Day-By-Day Case Study

Bathroom Renovation Case Study Day 2
Welcome to the Freedom Bathrooms Day-by-Day picture diary of a medium to large bathroom and toilet renovation! We’re up to the end of Day 2 and we have all the internal walls demolished and most of the tiles jack-hammered up: The Freedom Bathroom builders have cleaned and tidied everything up by knock-off time, and we can […]

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Day 1 – Bathroom Make-Over Day-By-Day Case Study

bathroom renovation case study - strip-out - day 1
Welcome to for the first day of work in our bathroom makeover day-by-day case study! This is the damage after day 1!  Great work!  The skip arrived right on time for shifting out some of the rubble before knock-off time! This stage is important.  It’s much more than just swinging around a block-buster!  The above […]

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Day 0 – Bathroom Make-Over Day-By-Day Case Study

bathroom renovation makeover before 02
Today we start a day by day photo-diary of a big renovation of a bathroom and toilet. This is going to be a great case study, because the “before” version is a 1990’s rather “tired” bathroom, with green tiles and old style.  The toilet, the main toilet for the home, is pretty pokey, and the […]

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Watch our Bathroom Renovation Timelapse Video!

If you want to get a quick idea of what’s involved with doing a bathroom renovation, here’s a 1 minute timelapse video which shoes the process and is also pretty cool!  

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Redland Bay Renovation

About the project – 2 complete bathroom renovations, laundry renovation, carport demolition, redesign and build.  

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