Day 11 – Bathroom Renovation Case Studies by Freedom Screens

Toby - Freedom Bathrooms tiler
Today our tiler Toby laid the bedding for the 900 x 450 tiles.  Here he is in action – getting all the levels right.  This is a task which requires a lot of experience and good judgement, because it will determine that the floor drains correctly into the designated drain points, preventing water from pooling […]

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Day 10 – Bathroom Renovation Case Study

Toilet Floor waterproofing pic 2 bathroom renovations case study day 10 pic02
Today was all about the floor waterproofing.  Unfortunately we only have pics for the toilet, as the bathroom ones came out way too dark! This waterproofing work has been done in accordance with the Australian Standard AS3740-2010 – ‘Waterproofing of domestic wet areas’ states: Proper waterproofing in wet areas is absolutely vital – water […]

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Day 9 – Bathroom Renovation Case Study

Today the tiling underlay went down and we showcase more of the finished wall sheeting.  Getting this proper tiling sheeting down is an important part of waterproofing for any bathroom. Once the sheeting is down the next step is to apply the waterproofing, which we show in tomorrow’s Case Study post. In these pics below […]

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Day 7 – 8: Bathroom Renovations Case Study

day 8 plumbers rough in bathroom renovation plumbing
Days 7 of our bathroom renovations picture diary, was the second day of work for the plumbers – today was primarily the draining plumbing, so the labourer came along to help with holding pipes in place under the floor! Day 8 Today the carpenter did some final finishing off of some things ready for the waterproofing and […]

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Day 6 – Bathroom Renovations Case Study

floor plan for renovations case study
Welcome to Day 6 of our Brisbane Bathroom Renovation Case Study Picture Diary! Today Eden the carpenter went to rough-in the doors.  The new toilet door can only be 720 wide, due to the little wedge shaped shelf that the tiny 250mm deep vanity is going to sit on along the main wall.  (see plan below).  Fortunately, […]

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Day 5 – Bathroom Make-Over Day-By-Day Case Study

day 05 of bathroom renovations picture diary
Today was Day 5, with Brett our plumber arriving on site at 7am, and meeting the owner.  Brett had already visited the premises and got an orientation from the carpenter, so after getting a few questions answered by the owner, he was ready to get it into it, relishing the nice big workspace, and the slightly cooler […]

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